Piazza dei Contrari

Piazza dei Contrari is located in the center of the oldest part of Vignola, “Castelvecchio”, and is enclosed between the Rocca, Palazzo Contrari Boncompagni and the Loggiato.

When the Contrari family took possession of the Vignola fief in the 15th century AD. the Parish church, which was located where the Loggiato is today, was moved to the point where the current church stands in order to leave room for the extensions of the Rocca. The space of the loggia was probably already occupied by a smaller version of it where shops and warehouses were housed.

The second major transformation takes place starting from 1560, when Ercole il Vecchio Contrari wanted the construction of Palazzo Contrari-Boncompagni exactly in front of the Rocca. This construction site led to the demolition of eleven houses, a transformation that enlarged the area of ​​the square and radically transformed its appearance. The large loggia that still characterizes the square was also built in this period.

Today the square is a reference point for citizens and tourists, a venue for events and shows, hosts the important reviews of the Etra Festival and Poesia Festival and throughout the year it is a focal point for cultural and naturalistic itineraries.

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