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“Antonio Marmi” Cinema Museum

A collection of unique cinema machines Thanks to the Marmi family it has been possible to make available to the public, in a permanent exhibition, a rich personal collection of machines, tools and objects relating to the world of cinema and to the historically defined periods Precinema and Archeology of Cinema, prior to the first […]


viale Mazzini, 8 41058 Vignola


The hamlet of Campiglio in the Municipality of Vignola looks like a small jewel overlooking the Rocca and the city center from the top of the hills, this isolated position reflects the history of the place. A settlement already attested in a Nonantolan document from the year 887 AD. it is subsequently mentioned as a […]

Piazza dei Contrari

Piazza dei Contrari

Piazza dei Contrari is located in the center of the oldest part of Vignola, “Castelvecchio”, and is enclosed between the Rocca, Palazzo Contrari Boncompagni and the Loggiato. When the Contrari family took possession of the Vignola fief in the 15th century AD. the Parish church, which was located where the Loggiato is today, was moved […]

Vignola Civic Museum “Augusta Redorici Roffi”

Geo-mineralogical and paleontological museum,  to discover the history of the Panaro Valley