The hamlet of Campiglio in the Municipality of Vignola looks like a small jewel overlooking the Rocca and the city center from the top of the hills, this isolated position reflects the history of the place.

A settlement already attested in a Nonantolan document from the year 887 AD. it is subsequently mentioned as a “castrum” in the 12th century. Campiglio was in fact a fortified settlement totally detached from the Vignola fief and ruled by the “Da Campiglio” lords. The village was mainly composed of the fortified fortress, which today has been absorbed by the more recent construction of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and by the market.

During the fourteenth century it will be the Rangoni family, former feudal lord of Castelvetro, Levizzano and Castelnuovo to govern this place that will experience a lot of prosperity especially thanks to the breeding and sale of the silkworm.

Due to the restrictive protectionist measures of the marquisate of Vignola, towards the end of the fifteenth century, the decline of the weekly market in Campiglio began and the small fiefdom definitively lost its autonomy with the appointment of Vignola as chief town of the canton of the Panaro Department which occurred at that time Napoleonic.

Today we can enjoy a splendid village, alive thanks to the presence of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and an optimal point from which to admire the panorama of the Panaro valley.

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