Torta Barozzi

“… It looks like a small clod of earth and like a clod crumbles … It is an enchanting mystery made up of a thousand aromas that confuse the palate in a symphony of sweetness …” (Michele Serra)


The Barozzi cake is a historic dessert from Vignola. It was created, with the name of “black cake”, at the end of the 19th century by Eugenio Gollini, who in 1887 had opened a pastry shop in the heart of our city. It is said that Gollini loved experimenting with complex sweets, perfecting his creations day by day. Finally, the black cake was defined in its current recipe, becoming in a short time one of the symbols of Vignola, such as the Rocca or Palazzo Boncompagni. The pastry shop began to be frequented not only by the people of Vignola, but also by people who came from outside to taste the famous cake. In 1907, during the fourth centenary of the birth of Jacopo Barozzi, known as “il Vignola”, it was renamed “Pasta Barozzi”, which later became “Torta Barozzi”.