Libreria La Quercia Dell’Elfo

Via V. Bonesi, 1, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Osteria della Vecchia Piazza

Viaa Garibaldi, 2/H 41058 Vignola

Centro Studi Vignola

Centro Studi Vignola

Via Fontana, 8 41058 Vignola

Pizzikotto – Pizzeria & Lifferia

Via Falcone e Borsellino, 115/143, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Teatro Cantelli

The theatre in the old town

Agriturismo Fondo Montecuccoli

Via Frignanese Impresa Mancini, 12 41058 Vignola

Percorso Natura

The Percorso Natura, entirely on the left side of the Panaro river, starts in Modena Est from the Sant’Ambrogio bridge and runs for almost 34 km, crossing San Donnino, Spilamberto, Vignola, to reach Casona di Marano on the Panaro. It can be traveled on foot or by bicycle. In Vignola, the Percorso Natura follows the […]

Tubooza Café

Via Cesare Battisti, 1 41058 Vignola

Savignano sul Panaro

A medieval village a stone's throw from Vignola, with a wonderful panoramic view

Castelnuovo Rangone

Castelnuovo Rangone

Castelnuovo Rangone, immersed in the Modenese countryside, for lovers of long rides, can also be reached via the Modena-Vignola cycle path

Parcheggio Corso Italia

Corso Italia, 48, Vignola 41058 Vignola



The provincial capital offers several good reasons to deserve a visit, starting with its famous Romanesque cathedral.

The Square

Via Caselline, 647 41058 Vignola

Old Town

  The first documented attestation of the presence of an inhabited settlement that takes the name of Vignola is in 826 AD. in a document belonging to the Abbey of Nonantola. The castle of Vignola thus developed even before its famous fortress and will continue to expand and change over the centuries. The historic center […]

Old River

Via Portello, 7, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Gelateria K2

viale Mazzini, 3 41058 Vignola

Teatro Ermanno Fabbri

via Minghelli 11 41058 Vignola

Stazione Ferroviara

Vignola station is the railway station that serves the municipality of the same name. It is the terminus of the Casalecchio-Vignola railway, managed by the Emilia Romagna Railways. It was activated at the same time as the line, on October 28, 1938.   After the abolition of passenger transport on the line in 1967, followed […]

Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi

The heart of the historic center of Vignola.


via Bernardoni 1/bis 41058 Vignola

B&B L’Arseni 1921

B&B L’Arseni 1921

Availability: n. 4 rooms for n. 9 beds Each room has a private bathroom, 22 ” LED TV, hairdryer, safe, free WI-FI connection and private internal parking, quadruple room with air conditioning Double or twin room prices: € 62 Single room price: € 40 Double room for single use price: € 45 Quadruple room price: […]

Agriturismo i Toschi

Via Canova 4 41058 Vignola

Acetaia Comunale

Acetaia Comunale

The Acetaia in the City Hall

Trattoria Moretto

Via Frignanese, 2373 41058 Vignola

Galvani Garden

The hanging garden of the Galvani house is located in via Soli on the walls that surrounded the ancient castle of Vignola on the northern side. Its construction dates back to the early 15th century when the noble Galvani family moved from Ferrara to settle in Vignola following the new landowners of the territory, the […]

Pizzeria Da Asporto Elisir

Via Bruni N. 129 41058 Vignola

Parish Church of SS. Nazario and Celso

A treasure trove of paintings and works of art Originally the church was located where we now find the entrance loggia to the Rocca, it is mentioned for the first time in a document dated 1185 together with the church of San Martino in Centoripe. When Uguccione Contrari came into possession of the Vignola fiefdom, […]

Vignola public swimming pool

On the banks of the Panaro, dominated by the imposing towers of the Castle, the Vignola Swimming Center is a rare case of a sports facility built near a historic center. The architectural work, signed by Leonardi – Stagi, in addition to a recognized artistic value, has been an active and assiduously frequented center for […]

Osteria della Luna

Piazza Boncompagni, 3 41058 Vignola

Osteria il Canarino

via Bernardoni, 7 41058 Vignola

Rocca di Vignola

The Rocca di Vignola is perhaps the most important and beloved symbol of geographical and cultural identity for all Vignola people. In the Vignola experience, and also in the wider one of the entire piedmont area, it is also the sign of a cultural uniqueness which, while feeding on the Emilian humus, has seen different […]

Pasticceria Gollini Eugenio

The birthplace of the Barozzi cake

“Antonio Marmi” Cinema Museum

A collection of unique cinema machines Thanks to the Marmi family it has been possible to make available to the public, in a permanent exhibition, a rich personal collection of machines, tools and objects relating to the world of cinema and to the historically defined periods Precinema and Archeology of Cinema, prior to the first […]

Stazione di Bologna Centrale

The main regional railway junction, terminus of the Bologna-Vignola railway

Libreria dei Contrari

Via Resistenza, 839, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Chiesa di S. Gabriele in Pratomaggiore

Via Bellaria, 61, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Via Romea Nonantolana

Via Romea Nonantolana

The Via Romea Nonantolana rediscovers a historic route that connected the Po valley with the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It dates back to the 7th century AD, a period in which the central northern part of the Italian peninsula was divided between the territories conquered by the Byzantines and those belonging to the Lombards. And it was […]



Spilamberto offers various ideas for a visit, starting with the Rocca and the Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

Fiona Pasticceria Italiana

via Giotto 15 41058 Vignola

Caffetteria Pasticceria Clò

via Libertà, 5 41058 Vignola

Vignola Civic Museum “Augusta Redorici Roffi”

Geo-mineralogical and paleontological museum,  to discover the history of the Panaro Valley


via Paradisi, 1 41058 Vignola

Pizza Time

Via Caselline, 630, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Vignola Village Resort

The structure is equipped with a hotel, restaurant, and wellness center with a gym. It represents the maximum flexibility for internal hotel guests and the many loyal customers outside the hotel.   HOTEL LA CARTIERA **** sup.   41 rooms (80 beds), 6 housing units (12 beds), a dependence with 8 housing units (16 beds) […]

Marano sul Panaro

A few kilometers from Vignola, the gateway to the Apennines.

B&B Civico 7

Via per Sassuolo, 1447, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Viale Mazzini

Viale Mazzini

Pedestrian street in the heart of Vignola, the natural center of all activities full of shops, street food and bars.

Pro Loco Vignola Terra di Ciliegie

Pro Loco Vignola Terra di Ciliegie

via Bellucci, 1 41058 Vignola

Gelateria l’Artigiano

via N. Bruni, 166 41058 Vignola

Agriturismo La Corte d’Emilio

Via per Castelvetro, 9/5 41058 Vignola

Pizzeria Gelateria Dolce Sapore

Via Libertà, 648, Vignola 41058 Vignola



A few kilometers from Vignola, in the Bolognese hills

La Ca’ Dal Non Acetaia 1883 Vignola

Via Ghiaurov, 50, Vignola 41058 Vignola

B&B Le Terrazze

B&B Le Terrazze

Via G.Massarenti 91, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Pieve

A sanctuary that has its roots in the early Middle Ages and testifies to a deep bond with the population The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Pieve is located on the side of the road to Marano sul Panaro near what were the borders of Campiglio. Tradition has it that the church was built by […]

Auris – Biblioteca F. Selmi

Auris: a library between ancient and modern. The municipal library of Vignola is named after Francesco Selmi (1817-1881), a famous chemist, a man of letters and patriot from Vignola, who, together with the mayor Alessandro Plessi (1824-1907), contributed to its establishment. It was inaugurated on 4 June 1871 and Don Giovanni Rodolfi (1828-1896) was its […]

Rosticceria Tiziano Di Lamandini Tiziano & C. Snc

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 387, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Trattoria Bettolino Di Parisi Michele

Via per Sassuolo, 2912, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Stazione di Casalecchio Garibaldi

Interchange point for public transport on the outskirts of Bologna

Palazzo Barozzi

Palazzo Contrari-Boncompagni stands in the square in front of the Rocca di Vignola. It was built at the behest of Count Ercole the Elder Contrari as a new noble residence for the family, entrusted its construction to the “magister / mason” Bartolomeo Tristano of Ferrara on a project by the great Vignola architect Jacopo Barozzi […]

Piazza dei Contrari

Piazza dei Contrari

Piazza dei Contrari is located in the center of the oldest part of Vignola, “Castelvecchio”, and is enclosed between the Rocca, Palazzo Contrari Boncompagni and the Loggiato. When the Contrari family took possession of the Vignola fief in the 15th century AD. the Parish church, which was located where the Loggiato is today, was moved […]


The hamlet of Campiglio in the Municipality of Vignola looks like a small jewel overlooking the Rocca and the city center from the top of the hills, this isolated position reflects the history of the place. A settlement already attested in a Nonantolan document from the year 887 AD. it is subsequently mentioned as a […]

Albergo Hotel Eden ***

Via Cesare Battisti 49, Vignola Tel. 059/772847 cell. 339.1181017 Fax 059/771477 Website: E-mail: Availability: n. 15 rooms (25 beds) Prices including breakfast: single room: from 45 € double room (single use): from 60 € double or twin room: from 70 € triple room: from 90 € quadruple room: from 110 €


viale Mazzini, 8 41058 Vignola


Via Enrico Caruso, 65 41058 Vignola

Comune di Vignola

Via Bellucci 1/4 41058 Vignola

Trattoria La Spiga

Via Modenese, 1828, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Enoteca Vini d’Italia, di Tondelli

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2, Vignola 41058 Vignola

Ristorante Pizzeria La Panza

Via Resistenza, 589, Vignola 41058 Vignola