“Antonio Marmi” Cinema Museum

A collection of unique cinema machines

Thanks to the Marmi family it has been possible to make available to the public, in a permanent exhibition, a rich personal collection of machines, tools and objects relating to the world of cinema and to the historically defined periods Precinema and Archeology of Cinema, prior to the first screenings of the brothers. Lumiere, which together form the extraordinary collection of the Antonio Marmi Cinema Museum (MCM).

The Museum is located at the Ermanno Fabbri theater in Vignola in a room specially dedicated to this particular artistic form. The exhibition accompanies visitors on a journey that starts from the birth of the first devices for the reproduction of moving images and the first camera up to the methods of making the first short films, some of which were shot in Vignola by Marmi himself. .

It is therefore possible to find philosophical toys (optical toys) such as Polyorama Panoptique, Zoetrope, Praxinoscope but obviously also the Magic Lanterns, those that were the first real projection machines, but also the different hand-painted glasses that with the improvement of the photography were replaced by photographic plates.

Thanks to the cinematographic passion of Antonio Marmi, who in the dark years of the Second World War was trying to cultivate his passion for the fascinating world of cinema, it was also possible to exhibit a series of rare examples of cameras and cinecameras, from Marmi himself. restored, dating back to the 1920s.

The MCM was born thanks to the availability of the Marmi family and the joint collaboration of the Municipality of Vignola and the Vignola Foundation.

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