Auris – Biblioteca F. Selmi

Auris: a library between ancient and modern.

The municipal library of Vignola is named after Francesco Selmi (1817-1881), a famous chemist, a man of letters and patriot from Vignola, who, together with the mayor Alessandro Plessi (1824-1907), contributed to its establishment. It was inaugurated on 4 June 1871 and Don Giovanni Rodolfi (1828-1896) was its first librarian.

The Library has two close and ideally connected locations within the vast San Giuseppe Park, which covers ​​about 13,000 square meters.


The new and modern headquarters, inaugurated on 20 May 2006, is a building of high architectural value designed by the Modenese architect Marco Fontana and furnished by the Milanese architect Paola Vidulli. To enrich the rooms are added some artistic works of particular importance:

Incipit, a sculpture by Nanni Balestrini and Marco Fontana, is a symbol of literary knowledge

The spiral built on the Fibonacci series, a symbol of scientific knowledge

Lettere da posto and Alfabetiere, two installations by the Vignola-based photographer Massimo Trenti

Interior listening, the work of the Savignano sculptor Antonio Sgroi

Villa Trenti

The villa, dating back to 1924, housed the library until 2006. It is currently the Sports Office of the Municipality seat and a study room open to the public.

Both buildings, owned by the Vignola Foundation, are granted on free loan to the Municipality to preserve the rich documentary heritage of the city.

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