Modena – Vignola cycle path

Una pedalata tra natura, storia e gusto

The Modena-Vignola cycle path is one of the province’s most beautiful and accessible cycle and pedestrian routes. With 28 kilometers surrounded by greenery, the route retraces the old railway route that connected Vignola to the province capital. This itinerary gets away from the busy arteries to immerse itself in the Modenese countryside’s fields, villages, and hamlets. It is an almost entirely flat route, where only the last kilometers, between Spilamberto and Vignola, have a modest slope, however light under the pedals.

Ideal for cycle tourism and short outings, the Vignola Modena cycle path touches the municipalities of Castelnuovo Rangone and Spilamberto, offering a unique view of the territory and the landscape of the plain that stretches towards the hill.

  • AModena

    The starting point of our itinerary, the city of Modena, offers various ideas for a visit and lends itself perfectly to being traveled and discovered by bicycle. With the famous Cathedral, Piazza Grande is very few rides from the train station and other city’s main attractions. Instead, leaving the center in the direction of the ancient via Morane, you will find the path of the cycle path that leads to Vignola.

  • BCastelnuovo Rangone

    After leaving the city, the territory of Castelnuovo Rangone offers long stretches of route away from traffic, surrounded by fields, ancient farmhouses and small villages facing along canals and country lanes. There are several ideal points for a relaxing stop, perhaps at one of the many farmhouses or restaurants along the itinerary.

  • CSpilamberto

    The town of Spilamberto is the last stop on the route before reaching Vignola. The village offers the opportunity to visit the ancient fortress and the Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Here the cycle path continues through the fields in the direction of Vignola, but the cyclists who love dirt tracks more can also choose to continue instead along the Nature Route that runs along the Panaro river.

  • DStazione di Vignola

    Just as once this route led trains to Vignola, so today the cycle path enters the city, arriving at the station. There is still the stone and brick building that from 1988 until the end of the 1960s housed the offices of the railway line to Modena. Today the Vignola station is a convenient transit and exchange point that crosses the railway to Bologna with the main local bus lines.

  • EOld town

    It is then possible to access the network of city cycle paths from the train station, through which the historic center can be reached in a few pedal cycles. Here it is possible to admire the most significant places in Vignola, such as the Rocca and Palazzo Barozzi. And finally, you can sit at a table in one of the many clubs in the center for a well-deserved relaxing break.

  • FPercorso Natura

    Vignola is also a crossroads between various possible cycle and pedestrian paths that cross the territory. Making a stop in Vignola is ideal for undertaking itineraries such as the Percorso Natura, which along the Panaro river climbs towards the hill. Those who love climbs and are eager to immerse themselves in the nature of the Apennines, from here can then continue towards the Parco dei Sassi di Rocca Malatina and, why not, continue further along the route of the ancient Via Romea Nonantolana.


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