Vignola public swimming pool

On the banks of the Panaro, dominated by the imposing towers of the Castle, the Vignola Swimming Center is a rare case of a sports facility built near a historic center. The architectural work, signed by Leonardi – Stagi, in addition to a recognized artistic value, has been an active and assiduously frequented center for years.


The Circolo Polivalente Olimpia Vignola has been operating since 1971 in the sports, cultural and recreational fields and safeguarding the green area adjacent to the Panaro river, along which the most important sports and recreational facilities it manages are developed.

Currently, the Circolo Polivalente Olimpia Vignola A.S.D., in a sporting year, has about 4,100 members participating in the activities, of which about 1,800 minors.


The Club is currently made up of the Sectors: Swimming and Water Polo / Stones Cafè, Tennis, Athletics and Running, Rugby, Cycling, Folk Dances and Ballet Schools, Theater, Skating, Ruzzolone.


The Swimming-Water Polo Sector, with its 3500 annual members, constitutes the largest Sector of the Club; within it work about seventy people including employees, collaborators and volunteers. Until 1975 the Swimming and Water Polo Sector carried out its activity at the Maranello and Modena plants but from 1975 onwards, thanks to the construction of the Open Swimming Center first and then the Covered one (1982), it has increasingly developed up to become one of the most important aggregative realities of Vignola, offering a very rich range of activities from school swimming to swimming courses for everyone, from water fitness to wellness activities, from competitive to amateur activities and also an equipped fitness area and a rich program of musical initiatives within the Stones Cafè (

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