Percorso Natura

Itinerario ciclopedonale immerso nel verde

The Percorso Natura is a naturalistic itinerary that runs along the left bank of the Panaro river. From the outskirts of the city of Modena, it reaches the town of Casona di Marano, where it intersects with various paths and cycle paths of the early Apennines. Vignola is entirely crossed by this path, which passes right in the shadow of the Rocca. The Percorso Natura indeed represents a suggestive attraction for those who love the experience of a quiet walk in lush nature. Along this itinerary, it is possible to observe the local river environment, on the border between the plains and the hills, where black poplar, elderberry and alder reign. It is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities, both for a short walk and for a long cycle and pedestrian itineraries, which can then continue within the nearby Parco dei Sassi di Rocca Malatina or along the ancient Via Romea Nonantolana.

  • ASpilamberto

    The Percorso Natura can be accessed from different points. Indeed the stretch that leads from Spilamberto to Vignola is an excellent choice for those who want to immerse themselves in silence and lush nature. This is one of the last sections where the river runs long the plains before entering the hills on the horizon among the trees.

  • BPercorso Natura

    One of the most convenient access points to the Percorso Natura is from the parking lot in via Zenzano, just below the Rocca. Here you will find a wide path that runs through the trees and bushes along the river, which can be traveled on foot or by bicycle. Starting from Vignola, you can decide to go towards Spilamberto, where the river opens towards the plains, or up towards Marano, where the landscape becomes hilly. In any case, a beautiful itinerary.

  • CRocca di Vignola

    Approaching the town from the Percorso Natura, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Castello di Vignola. The itinerary passes right under the Rocca, in one of its most evocative stretches, which probably recalls how it must have been in past centuries to access the city directly from the fields and woods that once surrounded these lands.

  • DPiscina di Vignola

    Next to the center of Vignola, right along the Percorso Natura, there is the Swimming Center, in a splendid area surrounded by greenery. This is the ideal place for relaxation and the practice of the most diverse sports, thanks to the fields and facilities available in the large park. Not infrequently, the swimming pool is also a place for entertainment and shows and concerts throughout the year.

  • EMarano sul Panaro

    The town of Marano sul Panaro rises along the river upstream from Vignola. It represents the gateway to the Apennines, and here there are various cycle and pedestrian routes that go up towards the mountain. Here the river environment and the landscape change and within a few kilometers, you are immersed in an even richer and more uncontaminated nature.

  • FVia Romea Nonantolana

    The route of the Percorso Natura largely coincides with that of the ancient Via Romea Nonantolana, which in past centuries led pilgrims across the Apennines towards Rome from the Abbey of Nonantola. Once the Percorso Natura ends, near Casona, a hamlet of Marano sul Panaro, mountain biking and hiking lovers can continue along this ancient route through the Parco dei Sassi di Rocca Malatina and beyond.


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